SIT 9th Birthday Bash

August 16, 2017

SIT has successfully completed its 9 years with the effort and hardworking of everyone. We celebrate this journey of success.   Firstly, We SIT organised the “Sukhmani Sahib Paath” in our office. In which all SIT team and guests were invited. Every one pray to God for the better future of company and thanks for successfully completion ...


Happy Holi.......

March 10, 2017

Holi the festival of colours. This is one of the biggest festival which celebrats in every part of the country. It is time to fun with colors, for delicious food and laughter. People take to street for playing Holi. People as well calls this festival of colors and make fun with colors water. Makes beautiful and diifferent rangoli designes with the different ...


Christmas day Celebration

December 25, 2016

At the end of the year approaches, its a great time for christmas festivities and give everyone the opportunity to have a bit of fun to celebrate a busy and successful year. Our team so far enjoyed the yummy treat . we organised a fabulous, celebratory community lunch. We partied the friday evening and was great to see everyone intermingling, dancing, ...


SIT Diwali & B'Day Bash'16

November 03, 2016

  India, the land of various cultures and traditions is a land of festivals and celebrations.   Diwali Celebration @SIT   Diwali is a beautiful indian festival which is being celebrated with pomp and joy among all races and religions. Diwali is also called as “Deepavali “that means a line of lamps. Being the ...


Independence Day Celebrations'16

August 15, 2016

On 15th August, 1947 India made her 'Tryst with Destiny'.  On this day, the 200- year old British regime on Indian soil came to an end. It is the most significant day in the history of India and celebrated every year with great enthusiasm by the Indian people. Like the other festivities  scorpions are ready for this special ...